wyrind (wyrind) wrote in grognards,

Monthly game

OK now the US trip is out of the way and things quieting down in new role, I'm more able to think about the monthly game again. Plus stuck indoors during a tornado in Florida, it gives you time to plan things...

I'm now thinking of a tangential campaign to cab's game  - the Savage Tide Adventure Path set on Mystara as it uses the Isle of Dread - as I think that could be fun. Open to thoughts/comments on this if you disagree, but provides a common ground for people

So wanted to see who's (still) interested, and if a start after easter works? Still thinking once a month, but probably being flexible on which weekends depending on availability. There's a couple of guys in North Herts who may be interested too - worth seeing if there are others who might be (I know K&L were mentioned last time...)?

Let me know, and we can chat next monday game
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