Cab (cabd) wrote in grognards,

Character for weekend

Think this makes sense...

Human Fighter


Name: Mendel Corun.

Home: Corungian (Darokin, Broken Lands border)

Str 14

Int 11

Wis 9

Dex 16 (+2, so 18)

Con 14

Cha 10

Weapon Groups: Basic, Bows, Light Blades, Exotic Weapons, Crossbows

Feats: Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Rapid Shot

Skill Points: 12

Craft (bowmaking/fletcher?) 3, Ride 4, Handle Animal 2, Climb 2, Jump 1

Starting Gold: 240gp


Longbow (75)

40 Arrows (2)

Longsword (15)

Kukri (8) (traded for with an Ethengarian merchant)

Studded Leather Armour (25)


Trail Rations (5 days) (3.5)

Artisans Tools (bowyer/fletcher) (5)

50' silk rope (10)

Backpack (2)

Signet Ring (5) (family crest)

Abacus (assume 5?)

Hammer + 15 pitons (2)

Waterskins (2)

Stone from broken lands (for sharpening, dipped in the blood of his first orc)

(this leaves 80.5gp for expenses, such as no one has bothered buying a lamp).

He would probably also be carrying arrowheads around with him; he'd have some bodkin heads, some flanking heads, etc. Not that this would or should have a big impact on the game, but its better to carry heads and fit them in to shafts than to carry a never ending supply of ammunition.

Quick concept: He's a younger son of an outlying branch of the House of Corun, brought up in Corunglain loosing arrows at orcs rampaging from the broken lands. He didn't have a good head for business, so he's decided to adventure.

I'll no doubt kit him out with some other irrelevancies (nik naks he's carrying and so forth), and they'll go on paper before I start.
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